Problem with QTR-Linearize

I’ve successfully flushed and installed the PZ-DN carts in my 3800 and successfully printed images and step wedges. However, the stock curve is off more than I expected, so I followed the directions for printing and scanning a 21 step wedge, noting the vales in the Excel file, cutting and pasting the values from the CGATS page into a new excel file and saved it as a tab delimited text file. I’ve dragged both the new .txt file and the .quad file that I want to modify over the QTR-Linearize app, it clicks and whirs and creates a the new Quad-lin file and a -out.txt file, but the newly modified quad file isn’t recognized as a quad file. The mini icon to the left of the file name is blank. I’ve attached the .txt file, the -out.txt file, and the new non-working .quad file. BTW, the 21 step scanner tool excel file crashes when I enable the macros on my mac, but works on a PC. I’m running yosemite.

Update, I’ve uploaded the above mentioned files twixe, but don’t see them anywhere so that I can attach them.


Jim. We offer support for PiezoDN at the private forum at (where you already have an account).

This will enable you to actually attach the curves. These curves are PRO curves and are kept private on the forum there. This is a public forum that does not allow .txt attachments.


Also, as of about an hr ago, the Excel files have been fixed. It was an update to excel that disabled some visual basic code. Download PiezoDN v 1.8 (see change log in the downloads section)

Thanks Walker!