Problem with new HD black ink with Epson 1430

I am very happy the piezography k6 inks will be continued however:
I cannot get a good nozzle check on the black channel since starting to use the new HD black ink. I have tried repeated flushing and just got a new black cart. It is not the printer because an Epson black cart works fine with a normal nozzle check. Has anyone else had this problem? I am about to try cleaning out the Epson cart and trying the piezography ink in that cart. I can’t think of anything else to do. Any ideas? Thanks.

Also we use the Hanemuhle Photo rag paper with warm neutral K6 inks. . The software for the 1430 HD K6 warm neutral for that paper does not work with the PrintTool . The printer head moves very slowly and does not print. (this is with the epson black cart installed with a good nozzle check) All other options work including the old 1430 K6 warm neutral and several other 1430 HD K6 paper options. I think this is a software glitch which I request you fix. Thanks.

Actually the second problem may be not be a big issue since in a previous post you said we could continue to use the old curves. The nozzle check issue is my main concern. Thanks.