Problem with LK Cartridge

I have purchased a set of cartridge from inkjetmall, and the LK ink does not work, I have tried the trouble shooting documentation making sure everything was in place but it is still not working. I have tried the original cartridge and it work perfectly. I think I have a defective LK cartridge. I am hoping I can get a replacement cartridge from you guys, I want to use the Lk ink I bought.

Hi newjerzydude~

I’m sorry to hear that your LK cartridge isn’t working. After reviewing your order history, I see you recently purchased refillable carts for your Epson 4900.

Does the cartridge lock into the printer correctly? If so, it may be a dead chip battery or faulty chip, in which case we’ll send you a new chip and battery. Information for replacing the chip on a 4900 refill cart can be found in the cartridge instructions, and info for replacing the chip battery can be found here:

Please let me know your results after changing the battery and/or chip, if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana