Problem with GO

I’m currently using the K7 system in my R3000, printing to both matte and semi-gloss papers.
The problem I’m experiencing is applying GO to the semi-gloss papers leaves marks on the surface of the paper where the printer “grabs” and feeds the paper into the printer for the second time to apply the GO.
I’ve tried leaving the print for up to 48hrs to dry but I’m still experiencing the above problem. It appears that some prints are successful ( I think theses have been left to dry for greater than 1 week), what advice do you have to help me consistantly apply the GO?

We use an electric dryer for just 1-2 minutes. We keep the silicone grabber rollers very clean and free of dust. They should grab the paper at the first try. If they are leaving “skid marks” then these need to be cleaned - or / and - you need to assist the paper into the printer. Yours may have trouble feeding thicker paper. Let me know if this helps…

Jon, the last attempt I made with the GO, I did just that, electric hair dryer for a few minutes on a print that had been sitting on my bench for 24hrs but alas, grab marks were still evident and only slightly improved from the previous prints.
My R3000 is new (<3mths) as I had performed a clean installation of the K7 ink set on my printer, so I don’t think a dirty grab roller would be the case.
Should I wait longer for the ink to set?

no i don’t think the issue is the inks - but rather the roller that grabs the paper. it should not be making marks unless it is having trouble feeding the paper. have you tried assisting it in - or getting above it to watch if it is able to grab it right away or it needs to roll a bit and that is causing the marks. the age of the printer is not what usually makes for a dirty roller - rather it is paper lint. if you always use epson inkjet paper this is rarely a problem. if you use any of the fine art grades of paper they will leave lint.

there always remains the possibility that your R3000 is just extremely aggressive in its paper handling and will always do this - but it may be worthwhile assisting the paper in by hand in case it’s leading edge is getting hung up on the thin plastic trim that prevents additional sheets from falling in when a sheet loads. You should be able to see if that is happening by observing when the paper loads. If it does not take it instantly, that roller is going to dig at it until it does.

Have you observed this area during the load operation>

How is it going now? Did you resolve this?

How much paper margin are you leaving around your glossy images? Is the ink rub off only an issue where the paper feeder grabs the sheet? Have you tried using the front or rear paper feed paths?

Please let me know so I can help you make beautiful glossy Piezography prints.
Thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Guys.

Have tried assisting the feed of the paper but to no avail.
I leave a minimum of margin, less than 1cm, around the image, and the grabber is well and truly on the image (5 to 7cm).
There are no smudges, just the clean impression of the grabbers silicone surface.
Interestingly, I have a few successful GO images; why they are so, I don’t know but thought it could be because the ink was well and truly dry.
I believe that it is likely to be just aggressive feeding and might have to relegate it to matte only paper.
Any further suggestions?

Due to the small margins, I think you will benefit from using a leading sheet to stop the printer’s paper feed rollers from rubbing on the fragile print surface. Otherwise, you can use 2-3" margins on the leading edge to avoid this rubbing. Also, if you use the front paper feed path, this will keep the paper flat and not use the paper feed rollers. You can read some Piezography gloss printing tips here:

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Will try the “leading edge” suggestion.
I tried to use the printers front paper feed but it was rejecting the paper every time; is this a problem with the QTR drivers?

BTW, thanks for your time.

Does the printer eject the sheet when you try loading in the front feed path (before sending the print job), or does the printer feed the sheet fine, but eject it after you send a print job from QTR? What paper feed path are you selecting in the QTR window?

Keep me posted, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

The printer loads the paper properly but ejects it when the print job is sent to it via QTR.
I selected the front load path in QTR.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. Since the printer ejects the sheet after sending a print job from QTR, please contact Roy Harrington, as he directly supports QTR. You can reach Roy at:
I am curious what he says, and would appreciate if you could give me an update after discussing the situation with Roy.

Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: