Problem switching from matte to photo black - Epson R2880

I have an Epson R2880 printer and converted it to use Piezography Pro inks. That printer requires that the matte black and photo black cartridges be changed when switching between papers. I had been using the photo black and changed cartridges so I could print on some Moab Entrade Rag paper. All went well, but when I tried to change back to the photo black cartridge, so that I could print on some semigloss paper, the printer will not recognize the different cartridge, and the orange light on top of the printer (which usually indicates an empty cartridge) remains lit up and flashing. I have tried turning the printer off and on again, and also taking the cartridge out and reinserting it. Neither of these has resolved the issue.

Anyone have a suggestion?

I suggest just switching the chips on the cartridges before inserting the new cart so it’s always the same cartridge chip that is in the printer.


Thanks, Walker. Are there instructions for doing that on the site?

The chip can easily be pulled of withy our fingers there are 3 lock prongs.


Thanks - I will give it a try.


It worked - thanks again.