Problem printing GO (gloss overlay) on Epson 4900

I am having problems with glossy prints. When I try to print the second pass with the GO profile, it starts printing, then after about 2.5 inches it stops and gives a paper jam error on the printer. Very consistent and stops at the same point every time. Doesn’t show an error on the computer.

Yes, is the same problem that this old post

Here is what I am doing.

  1. I am in OSX 10.10.5
  2. I am printing on an Epson 4900 with A4 Canson Baryta.
  3. I am using QuadToneRIP 2.7.6
  4. I use Print-Tool 1.1.0
  5. I use the 16 bit GO profile, 1440 dpi, manual sheet feed, and bi-directional in QTR.
  6. I have a 1x1 in 300ppi solid white image file I use to print the GO.
  7. The size of the photo is 4x4in with a 2.132in of withe margen.

Few time when I retry the second coat I got also a error paper feeding
Something like that: …if the media is thicker the 0.8mm feed paper from Front Feed (not the cassette) I try… very hard to find out how to do it…. I think I manage but it is always another Paper Feed Error.

In general I have a hard time to setup the print… but the first printed test (mate paper) are very rewarding.

Still I have big problems for connect the print to a Network.
I use the last two day trying to connect it to my router (ethernet and USB) without success, but this will be for another post. Anyway I mail Roy about this issue… At the moment I use USB.

Any help apreciate


Hi Salva~

This is a well known problem (GO not fully printing over the whole sheet with x900 printers), as you’re aware of based on other threads on this topic.

Unfortunately, there’s no “guaranteed solution” for printing GO with the x900 and x890 printer models, though some have found some tricks that work for them, in my experience sometimes GO prints over the entire sheet, but other times it stops short (with the exact same settings, etc…).
The only sure way I know of to print GO consistently is to use a prior model printer to print GO, such as a 7880/9880, 7800/9800 or 7600/9600 (which don’t have this annoying sensor).

Warmly~ Dana

Thank you for your help, Dana.
I think that Inkjekmall should make there clients aware, very clearly, of the problem, before we are buying the Glossy inks.