Problem installing gloss curve on an epson R1800


I’ve tried several times to install the gloss curve on my mac running mavericks and have it show up in my qtr paper profile list. I deleted the printer, dropped the files into the k7 profile for my printer, and then double clicked the install printer line. The mps files show up in a sub folder below my matte profiles in applications.
I’m obviously missing a step somewhere, right???
Thanks, Joe


Hi Joe,

What is the error you are receiving through the terminal after you hit the install command? This may point me in the direction to figure out what’s going wrong with the GO curve.

Also, have you tried to open the MPS sub folder after download and move the individual files into your 1800-K7 file folder? and NOT the entire sub folder?



Hi Kelly,
No error at all, just no gloss files. I’ll try moving them individually now.


My printer shows up twice in the Printers and scanners list, once under epson R1800 and the second as Quad R1800K7. Should I delete both or just the Quad printer?
I was able to drag each file into the K7 group with success, but they didn’t show up when I installed the printer.
Thanks, Joe


The steps you take to install your curves are as follows, in order:

Install Epson Driver (in this case R1800) remove your K7 driver if already installed
Download your curves
Move individual curves into respective folder Applications>QuadToneRip>Profiles>R800-R1800-K7
Install command for R1800-K7 (this automatically installs the R1800-K7 printer in the driver)

Here is the GO curve for the R1800 if you don’t already have (710 Bytes)

There will be a Terminal screen that comes up when you hit the install command, I would like to know what that reads under the GO curve IF you are still having a problem after trying the above


I don’t know what I did differently or if it was something on your end, but everything installed and now show up in the paper profiles under the pull down menu.
Thank you so much for your help.


Joe, happy to hear that you figured it out OR it figured itself out somehow! Cheers-Kelly