Pro inks for Digital Negatives - 9 vs 11 inks

Hi there,

I am thinking about a possible use of a 9880 printer with Pro inks for digital negatives.

  • Would that printer with Pro inks produce better digital negatives than with K6 Selenium inks, or just the same quality?
  • What is the impact of not having the two Very Light Greys (warm and cool) when it comes to the quality of the digital negatives?

It would be nice to have the possibility to print on paper with different tones, and also apply GO directly as it prints… but I would like to base my decision mostly in terms of quality of the digital negatives, since that would be the main goal for that machine.

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Better or equal with the pro at this point.

Because we did not evaluate this I don’t know. I would think you could probably get away with loosing cool LG and still have a decent neg system.