Pro ink darker than Selenium Inks

I have an Epson 3800 with the Pro ink set and a 3880 with Selenium ink set. I can print the same print on both and the Selenium print is much lighter. The Pro ink set when I soft proof on screen in Photoshop is spot on to the print. I have refilled all carts in the Selenium ink set, I have ran ink seperation 8 file in calibration mode and no better. On the Pro ink set I’m using the Epson Hot Press profile. On the Selenium ink set because there is no Epson Hot Press profiles I use the Hahnemühle Bamboo profile. Any ideas how to fix this.


please share screenshots of your curve selections etc


Curve 1 - QTR Pro Ink
Curve 2 - QTR Selenium ink
Curve 3 - Photoshop curve for Selenium ink
Curve 4- Photoshop curve for pro ink





So I switched the ink sets around and put the Selenium ink in the 3880. Guess what the prints came out as they should. The 3800 was printing the prints darker, just differences in the printers.


yep, printer-to-printer can be different.

This is why PPEv2 exists.