Pro ink blends for soft proof profiles

Hi Walker, do you have the basic blends for the soft proof profiles available? Thanks!

@DanaC has them. She’ll get dinged by this post.


Thanks look forward to receiving them.

The Piezography Pro soft proof profiles were made with the following blends:

  1. Cool Neutral= Cool 100%
  2. Warm= Warm 100%
  3. Neutral= Neutral 100% (about 82C/18W on gloss papers and 75C/25W on matte)
  4. Warm Neutral= Neutral 75/ Warm 25
  5. Semi-Warm= Neutral 50/ Warm 50
  6. Warm Shadows/ Cool Highlights= H: 100C, M: 100N, S: 100W (same with gloss + matte)
  7. Cool Shadows/ Warm Highlights (Matte)= H: 100W, M: 100N, S: 100C
  8. Cool Shadows/ Warm Highlights (Gloss)= H: 80W/20C, M: 100N, S: 100C

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks! My printing with the Piezo Pro inks is very happy!

Hi Dana,

Please remind me where I can locate the above mentioned soft proof profiles?

thank you!

The most recent community edition installs them.