Pro 9900 Error Code 1419

I’m getting an error code 1419 on my Pro 9900. The display screen says to turn the machine off and back on and to call for service if it continues.

I can clear the error after a couple of restarts but it continues to come back. I’m also getting black ink splatters on my prints that come out of the printer right after this occurs.

My 9900 is out of warranty (of course…) so I’m looking to troubleshoot this myself before calling in a tech.

The error refers to an ink system problem, “Pump release operation failed.” the service manual says to:

  1. Check the connection between the Ink System Unit and the Main Board Assembly.
  2. Replace the Ink System Unit
  3. Replace the Main Board Assy.

#1 seems to be a pretty easy thing to do, so I’m about to try that. I have a hard time believing that the wire has come loose, though.

I wanted to check in here and see if anyone else has run into this and knows something I could try before ordering parts.


Hi Steve~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the older style 350ml internal bag carts for your 9900 in Aug 2013.

When did this error first begin?
When did you first install the carts?
Did you install all the refillable carts at the same time, or one at a time as your Epson carts became empty?
Does your printer’s pressure pump turn on while your printer sits idle?
Have you been having good/consistent nozzle checks, or have you been struggling with poor ink flow with one or more channels?
When did you last refill carts?
Are you priming carts to remove air from the internal bag, and fill the exit channel with ink using the old method with a straightened paperclip or plain syringe, or are you using a syringe with small plastic priming tip attached?

Please let me know so I can try to help.
Thanks~ Dana

Funny you should ask…

My error code problem seems to have gone away. I have the service manual and dug into the printer deep enough to unplug and reseat the cable that connects the ink system to the main board (as is prescribed as the first thing to try in the service manual.) I haven’t had the 1419 error code pop up since then. But, I haven’t printed a whole lot either… so who knows.

That being said… I am having a problem with missing/misaligned nozzles that I can’t seem to clear with cleaning cycles. Before any of this started I was getting 100% on my nozzle checks so I wonder if the two are related.

I do have the bladder style cartridges in this printer. Today I did wonder if there was air getting into the lines so I popped out all the carts and bled the lines and filled one cartridge that was a little low. One cartridge in particular had a lot of air in it. After bleeding the lines and running a few cleaning cycles I’m still getting some banding.

Here are some notes:

  1. It’s not every channel. Only about half of them are showing missing nozzles on the nozzle check test print.
  2. they move around. It’s not the same nozzles every time. Though it does seem to be the same number of nozzles per channel.
  3. I think some of the missing nozzles may actually just be spraying out of alignment rather than outright missing.

Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. The 1419 error began around 10/3 and occurred 4-5 times total. I haven’t seen the error since opening up the printer and reseating the cable as described above. Banding started around the same time and continues to persist.
  2. The carts have been in use for about a year now.
  3. I installed them one at a time as the OEM carts ran out.
  4. I want to say that it does. I haven’t noticed it recently but I have in the past.
  5. I was having repeated problems with missing nozzles up until my green channel went 40% total clog. I called EPSON at that point and the head was replaced. This was in the spring of this year. Since then I’ve been able to keep the nozzle check 100% clear with one or two cleanings at most. This is the first time since the head replacement that I haven’t been able to get a 100% clear nozzle check.
  6. I filled one cart today that was down to an estimated 20-30% full level. Other than that, I’m not sure. Months go by without needing to fill the carts. In general I don’t let them get more than 50% empty. Though, the internal bag carts are hard to judge the fullness of. I have worked with the non-bag version of the carts and they’re much easier to determine the level of.
  7. My syringes have a small tip on them that allows them to fit in the hole on the carts with the bags. I stand the carts up on end to prime them such that the syringe is vertical as I prime them. Not sure that it makes a difference, but it is different from the carts without the bags that I work with where I find that I have to leave the cart horizontal for priming.

One other thing that’s worth mentioning. It didn’t happen during normal cleaning attempts but I did run one power cleaning cycle and when that fired off I heard a whistling/whining type noise that sounded like it was an air-related issue. I’ve run power cleaning cycles in the past and this was a sound I’ve never heard before. I have not yet checked to see if any carts have had air build up in them since I bled them. This is something I plan to check tomorrow.

For what it’s worth, I do have access to non-bag style refill carts that will fit my 9900. I can try putting those in the machine to see if it helps if you think it’s worth the trouble.


UPDATE: Just now was able to print a clean and clear nozzle check. I cleaned off the wiper blade and it was a bit gunky. This cleared up a lot of the problem but a couple of channels persisted. Some more cleanings later and only Cyan persisted. After a few more paired cleanings I got fed up and ran a “powerful” cleaning on Cyan/Vm and that did it.

So, looks like all is ok for now.


Excellent, I’m glad to hear of your success!

Best regards~ Dana