Pro 4800 Invalid Ink Cart


I bought a set of new chips but really only needed one, the Light Magenta. I installed the new chip and when all of a sudden, the LM is fine but now the Light Black and Light Cyan are also flashing the same Invalid Ink Cart message. They were fine before. I amusing your chip resetter which just arrived a couple of days ago.

What caused this and what do I do?



Hi Marek~

Hmmm… this is unusual. After reviewing your order history, I see you recently purchased 4800 replacement chips and a chip resetter, and years ago bought a set of ConeColor inks, but I don’t see that you bought the refillable carts from us (unless they were possibly purchased under a different account?). Have you replaced the chips on the LK and LC carts yet? Have you shut down the printer, then turn back on to refresh?
Chips are fragile, and can wear out over time, or get shorted out from static/electric shock, so we recommend everyone have a set of replacement chips on hand to be able to quickly replace chips when needed, to resume printing, without down time of waiting for new chips to arrive in the mail.

Please let me know so I can try to help you past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana

Thanks Dana! Will do as you recommend right now.

Well, no luck. Replaced the LK and LC, put them in, turned the printer off by unplugging, plugged back in and same message. Reset them, unplugged and same thing. What should I do next?

I tried one more thing. I just replaced the LM with the old chip that would not allow itself to be reset. The two carts that were showing as invalid, now show up as full cartridges. There must be something wrong with the LM chip I got from you.

Thanks for the update. I’ve never heard of this happening, and it’s very strange, but agree that it sounds like the LM chip is somehow causing errors with the other carts. I will have a new LM chip sent to you.

Please let me know your results with the new chip when it arrives, if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

When you send the chip, can you send directly to my Toronto Address, please?

yes, that’s where it’s going.