Prints very dark (over saturated) after cleaning

I just used the PiezoFlush for the first time, on my 9800 and after several tries it cleared the completely clogged print head. A nozzle check was correct. When
I printed anything however the prints were extremely dark and over saturated. I have not changed anything else. Any ideas?

I assume you have flushed your printer back to ink at this point, so . . .

The first thing to check is to see if you have put inks in the wrong cartridges/slots on your printer. You can do this by taking a brush and dipping into each cartridge and painting on some matte paper. Do the same from the bottles and verify the carts match their bottles.

Also, make sure you are using the correct ICC profile and media type settings from photoshop.


I just did the cleaning in the video with the bounty paper towels behind the head. The cartridges were not removed. The colors are correct, just very dark and over saturated.

These printers will accept any chip without complaint. It’s very easy to put the cartridge in the wrong slot.

From left to right it should be:

LLK, LM, LC, LK, Black, C, M, Y

Please verify.