Prints too light & lack of contrast & sharpness

I hope someone has an answer to my printer problem. My prints are now printing overall too light, without contrast, and sharpness. When I first noticed this I did a power clean. That didn’t solve the problem. I called an Epson tech (I’m using a 7800 with K7 inks). The tech has purged the ink lines & recharged, aligned the heads (both with his program & I also did an auto align). We have also done a nozzle check where the little lines appear so you can see breaks & also the larger nozzle check pattern where there are blocks of color (tones). All heads are clear. Also I have agitated the carts the day before the tech arrived. The prints are still printing as described above. The only thing I can think of is the file has somehow become corrupted but I have never heard of this, a profile yes, but never a file. Can that be possible? If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Thank you ~ Joel

Hi Joel~

Are you printing from Mac or Windows? What version operating system? If Mac, are you printing from Photoshop, QTR Print Tool or a different application? When did you last print and have good/correct output? Have you replaced dampers in this printer in the past three years?

After reviewing your order history, I see you last bought a set of Piezography Neutral inks in June 2009, so your inks are nearly five years old, and well past the expiration date. Using such old inks could be most if not all of your problem.

Please let me know so I can help you past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: