Prints are not sharp on Epson 7880

Ever since I replaced all the dampers my prints are grainy and blurry. Everything has a shadow.
I have all nozzles working except a few on the yellow channel. I have run the programs to align
the print heads. What am I missing? The Nozzle check looks good. I have checked the platen
height to 1.2mm. The print head seems to be aligned. I need some new places to look to solve the problem. Please help!

Check to see if your encoder strip is dirty. And always test in unidirectional (not high speed) mode


Thank you for your help.

I have wiped the encoder strip with alcohol. Their was some splatter. What should I be looking for?

What is the procedure to put in unidirectional mode and I will try that.

Thank you again.


This is in the print settings each time you do a print. Just make sure High Speed is not turned on.


I am making some progress. I looks like the print head may not be level enough. I adjusted one direction some and I

saw some improvement in the print quality. Do you have some good guidelines for leveling the print head? It almost

looks like over spray. I did slow the printer down, that may have helped some.

Thank you,


Do the head slant test and adjustments from the maintenance manual found at | Home