Printless After Power Flushes


I have an Epson 7800 that has gotten light use over the years and was printing perfectly. Ignoring its pleads to power clean for several months, I finally relented and went through the process Saturday morning. At first, the light cyan would not print so I went through the normal cleaning routine with the utility first then PiezoFlushing the blade, the cap and finally letting the heads sit overnight on a paper towel drenched with the stuff. This had zero effect, so I sent it through 3 more power flushes. This made matters much much worse. Now, only yellow is printing correctly.

I scanned the test page to attach but the forum system won’t let me upload it.

The dampers, wiper and cap were replaced two years ago but again, this printer get very light use. Compass Micro will not commit but suspects a pump cap assy. Any ideas?


It is the pump cap assembly. It is simply not sucking ink.

If it were dampers, head channels, or cartridges, they would fail individually. When so many channels go at once, it’s the pump cap.



Well Epson doesn’t make the pump cap anymore so I had to order it from China (yuck). The replacement appeared to be exactly the same as OEM. I installed and ran a bunch of power cleans. The tests were the same as before but the magenta slowly changed to cyan and is now completely replaced by cyan.

The auto pattern now shows black (about 15%) cyan (about 15%) cyan (getting progressively worse at 10% but was once magenta at 90%) and yellow (at 98%). All inks are full

No idea what to do now


Cleaned everything really well with PiezoFlush and a few of the colors came back. Will try replacing all eight dampers but Compass Micro now wants $36 each??? Seems “monopoly expensive” when the Chinese ones are $5 each. I suppose you get what you pay for but the original dampers lasted 8 years and the OEM replacements lasted only 2 years