Printing with Profile Updated Document



Do you have an updated workflow document for printing with a color profile? We use Adobe CC apps for printing Photos and Vector line art. Currently using InkThrift inks with good color matching for vector line art, but not so great for photos. Printing test patches from target images, most print a little high on the red saturation.

We work mostly from Mac OSX 10.7-10.9, using Adobe CS6 or CC edition products. Given the dialog boxes have changed quite a bit from the CS2, 3, and 5 sample pages in the Mar 2012 “Printing With a Color Profile” document do not match up well with the current products. We just want to make sure we are leaving no stray improper settings that could be creating these slightly off tint jobs.

Are there any updated settings screens that I could match to our settings? Does anyone have a profile for EnhancedMatteMK for InkThrift?

Printer: Epson 9900
Driver: 9.17
Ink: InkThrift
Paper: Genuine Epson Enhanced Matte
Black: MK on Printer and MK on Enhanced Matte Paper Profile
Workstations: Apple Mac Pro 10.7 and 10.9
Printing Applications: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop CS6 and CC


Yes, we need to update that document to reflect later versions of Photoshop…
Basically, the workflow is the same for printing with a color ICC profile, but the windows look slightly different.
For many purposes, people are often happy with the results using InkThrift dye inks and selecting printer manages color, then the media setting to match the paper they’re printing on, but some require spot on color, and benefit from using custom profiles specific to their exact printer/ink/paper/computer setup.

To print targets to have custom profiles made, the targets MUST be printed with NO color management, which is tricky with CS5+. Adobe recommends printing with the Adobe Color Printing Utility in order to accurately print with NO color management.
Information, instructions and printable targets to have custom profiles made can be found here:
I would be happy to make you one complimentary custom profile for your 9900/InkThrift setup to try, so you can see how if effects your output.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: