Printing Question

When holding my prints at an angle to the light the seem solarized - is this normal - using K7 inks and Type 5 paper - printing glossy…

We set up your 3880 printer with Piezography here, so I know all carts/inks were in the correct order when you left with the original Carbon ink set, but also know you ordered the Special Edition ink set after printing with it during your recent workshop.

By “solarized”, do you mean light areas are printing dark and/or darks are printing light (which would be obvious looking straight at the print, not at an angle), or do you mean “bronzing”, which is colorful light being reflected back, and is noticeable at an angle, but should be eliminated by printing GO.
Are you evaluating prints with just ink on paper (without GO), or after printing the GO layer?
What inks are currently installed in your printer?
Have you printed a nozzle check to make sure all channels are fully printing, and in the correct order?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

It was as you said ‘bronzing’ - went away with the GO printing.

Same inks still in the same places…have not made any changes yet…still learning this inkset…

can low ink cause nozzles not to print?

I’m glad the issue was resolved by printing GO :slight_smile:

Low ink can cause poor flow, but in my experience with the 3800/3880, generally air is what causes nozzles to not print- so make sure to not let your carts get sucked bone dry, which would get air in the ink system.
if missing nozzles come back after a cleaning cycle or two, then it’s normal printer function, but if less nozzles print after cleaning cycles, then there could be something else going on…

Best~ Dana