Printing problems with new Lightroom 7.2

Not sure if this will help but it’s worth a verification.

  1. Make sure that your Printer Settings are set to Default (not a preset).

  2. Set your printer settings.

  3. Set your various output settings in LR.

  4. Save this as a print template.

  5. As long as there is no Preset saved INSIDE of the Printer Settings area, LR will save the settings properly inside of its template.


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This is really more of a heads-up to see if anyone else experiences this. After upgrading to Lightroom 7.2 I have two issues:

  1. User Templates in the Print module revert to and print in vertical letter orientation no matter what is shown on screen or in the Page Setup dialog. When Printer Settings are saved, the screen reverts to that vertical letter orientation until you reselect your template. This happens even if you update the template setting with the current settings.

  2. A few times it seemed that the Quadtone RIP was bypassed resulting in a very dark, nearly black print.

In all cases the correct quad printer was selected along with an appropriate curve for ink and paper.

This rather strict method seems to work. However it is a change from what I have been doing for several years. I typically save and select presets from within the Printer Settings dialog.

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yup - for years I have set Page Setup… followed by Print Settings…

most recent LR reverts my preset Print Settings to landscape with this workflow. Flipping the workflow order (Print Settings… followed by Page Setup…) is my quick fix.

After using Walker’s suggested method a few times, Lightroom then started allowing printer presets within the Printer Settings dialogue. It also stopped reverting to an incorrect paper size and orientation. A mystery…