Printing P.Flush?

I removed the Epson carts and installed Piezo K7 carts for matte printing -preceded and followed by power cleanings.

Printout pattern (from nozzle cleaning) shows the 3d patch from the left with color of PiezoFlush, remainder of patches looks OK, different shades of black.

Carts PK and LLK are filled with PFlush, LLK flush level looks lower than in PK.

Am I dealing with a chip problem?

I’d appreciate your assessment and advice, thanks.

I removed the cart and replaced it with a new never used before IJM LLK cart, new auto reset chip attached with Epson chip underneath. Cart filled with PFlush 70 ml. Problem not solved, still PFlush colored patch with nozzle check.

Suddenly the light went on: printing is a QTR function, nozzle check is an Epson function.

Any pinkish hue I may have seen in my very first piezo prints were caused by PFlush remnants in the ink lines. The nozzle check test pattern with pink patch doesn’t mean that the LLK pink nozzle contributes to QTR printing.

When I switch out of curiosity the 3880 printer from matte black to photo black, the nozzle test pattern shows two pink patches, the first upper left and as before the third upper left: Epson at work, not QTR.

So I’ll leave things as they are, after switching back to matte black, and knowing that the LLK ink line is kept clean and open by the PFlush obviously still present in it.

You can flush excess PiezoFlush left in the ink line using the procedures listed here: