Printing out the 21 step wedge file

Please forgive an old man like myself. I was fortunate to attend the workshop this past September but am now having a hard time with a statement in the community edition manual. In chapter 8 (By the Numbers) there is a passage about printing out a 21 (and a 51) step wedge file. The part I found confusing (and was not talked about in the workshop - that I recall) was the line “…with the correct Peizography curve…”. I have the Peizography Pro inks on a win64 machine so I go through QTRgui, and I understand about picking my printer, the ink/paper (PK or MK) and the curves (cool/neutral & warm) but at which & what percentages for the Highlights, Midtones and Shadows.
As an example, would I set up the cool tone at 100% for the Highlights (zero for both N & W), 100% Neutral for the midtones (0% for both C & W) and 100% Warm for the shadows (0% for C & N).
Any clarification would be appreciated.

When evaluating curves run 100 of each curve (1 print cool, 1 neutral, 1 warm) for a paper and see the extremes, then tone at will any which way you want.