Printing GO over digital neg


I know that IJM are working on a digital neg. system that applies GO as it prints but has anyone overprinted a digital neg. with GO?


I think this would cause too many artifacts in the ink from rolling through the printer twice.

The bare ink on film is super fragile (this is why we print GO in the same pass)



How long is it likely to be before the new digital neg. system is available for Windows?


It depends upon if the programmer (not Roy) for QTRGui is able to support new printers going forward or not (so far yes but there is some concern there). Also, if/when we can get the windows (a windows) version working [I]directly [/I]with ICCs.

That said, for those who buy PiezoDN and just want to manually convert to the ICCs, you are welcome. I can provide a .zip file with all the relevant stuff except the OS X bits. The workflow is not officially supported yet though.