Printing for glossy on matte paper



So I really like the feel of Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth, and thought I’d try printing K7 glossy inks on it to see what would happen.
I have some images that show promise from the first pass, but so far I have completely failed to get the 9880 to put a layer of GO on the prints on the second pass - it simply doesn’t put out, then rejects the paper when its half way through. In between I’ll slip in a print on Jon Cone #5 or Hahnemuhle glossy and the GO coats effortlessly!
What is going on?


The printer must know better than to print GO on matte paper!


Hi neselkirk~

You shouldn’t have a problem printing GO with the 9880 printer model, as long as you leave enough paper margin at the leading edge (if the image is too close to the paper edge, the printer will give a “paper load” error). GO is not very noticeable on non-gloss paper (doesn’t make a non-glossy paper glossy), and is not necessary when printing on non-gloss paper. I’m glad to hear GO works well on glossy papers!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


I use GO on everything. I find that on matte paper, it adds a but of scratch and scuff resistance. I have never had any problem with GO on gloss or luster paper but matte can be tricky. The issue seems that the printers require a certain translucency level and the combination of paper type, thickness and image can result in a translucently level below what is required. Thus, thick matte paper plus dark image equals no GO.

As a test, try printing a GO coat on a blank sheet of paper.


Thanks for the additional information John.

With the 7800/9800 and 7880/9880 printers, the only issue I’ve experienced printing Gloss Overprint is when the image area is too close to the paper edge.
I have successfully printed GO on heavyweight rag and blank paper before (I did again today after reading your message just to confirm).
The printer doesn’t know it’s printing Gloss Overprint, so the paper you’re printing on doesn’t matter (to the printer).
Do you have the paper size and paper skew check on or off in the printer setup menu?


I do think the issue is the combination of paper thickness and print darkness as a light colored print was GO coated fine but a dark one could not be coated. But I agree a wider margin at the bottom would solve the problem.