Printing calibration mode target - piezo flush being printed also in between 2 rows

Hi there,

I have been printing some targets of 10 inks by using the Calibration mode of QTR to see how the density of my inks is doing, and spot eventual problems… To my surprise, some of these targets (some, not all) have shown piezoflush being printed not only on the two corresponding channels with piezoflush installed, but also outside of the bands, in between the two rows! Why is this happening? This just has happened on a number of cases, but most of the times the inks are only applied along the different rows… I have not seen piezoflush appearing on the prints through or negs… but just wanted to ask because I found this a bit puzzling.

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It is a special thing in the charts that allows for visual lines regardless of what ink is in what channel.

You can safely ignore it.