Printing Boardless

Sorry if this has been covered but I cant find any threads
I would like to print boardless A3 and A3+ prints with my Epson r1900 and k7 inks windows 10
Can this be done ?
Thanks in advance

Printing K7 means printing via QTR, and my understanding is that QTR doesn’t print borderless. There’s a 1/8" minimum margin. The Epson driver prints borderless by upsizing the image on the fly and overprinting the page. QTR does not do this.

Moreover, you can’t print closer than 1" to the top (leading) and bottom (trailing) edge on the R1900 using QTR without encountering microbanding. (There is a trick that gets around this using lead sheets, but it does make the process of producing a print a little more tedious.)

Thanks Brian
Is there any other way instead of using QTR for example any other driver

Not really. If you want to print K7 then QTR is it. (There is one other RIP that does K7, but it’s only for older, very large printers.)

If you want to print borderless, then the main option that I know of is the Epson driver, which would mean standard inks and not K7, and either selecting ABW in the driver or printing B&W using a colour ICC. I imagine other RIPs also print borderless, e.g. Mirage, Imageprint, Colorburst, Printfab, but again we’re talking standard inks and not K7.

Thanks again Brain

Silly me. ABW is only an option on K3 printers, whereas the R1900 is a hi-gloss printer and so it doesn’t have this option in its Epson driver.