Printing an inch to long

I’m diving into un-replied posts that were buried by our old forum software back in the day.

I think your margin setting on the control panel is set wrong. It’s adding a 1/2 inch on the top and the bottom. You also should upgrade the firmware on the printer because older firmware had this problem as well.



I have a refurbished Epson 7980. When I print, it prints an inch to long. I have no idea why. I can cheat the system so - to - speak and enter in the paper an inch short and it prints correctly.

I was printing 18x24 (24" roll). It cuts at 19" long instead of 18". I tell the printer the paper is 17" long and it cuts at 18" long. this work around does ok, but is there something I am doing wrong?

Please advise.


Corretion . . . I have a 9890, not a 7980