Printhead clog on 7900

In my admittedly limited experience the 7900 channels do not come back once they are as “clogged” as you say - they seem to actually be damaged, not clogged. And repeated attempts at cleaning them may result in more dead channels. And no, the printer doesn’t give an error, unless you have the auto cleaning option turned on and then it tells you it couldn’t clean it.

But you lucked out in that green channel is extra as far as full color printing is concerned. The printer will run fine if you use the 7890 drivers, but with the 7890 gamut. On a Mac it won’t complain at all, but I think there’s a warning on the Windows drivers. And make sure you turn off the auto cleaning feature in the menu or it will continue to detect the clogs and keep cleaning (and ruin more channels).

I have an Epson 7900 that i can’t get the green to print on a test print. I believe it is clogged. The printer was sitting for about 2 years. It is the whole green that won’t print on the test print, not just a few lines. I have done paired cleaning in the maintenance mode and i just ordered a green cartridge pizioflush that is in the machine sitting now. I did one initial fill with the pizioflush and let it sit for 48 hours. I did a test print and it still didn’t print so it is the 2nd initial fill with pizioflush that is in it now. My question is if the green nozzle was dead would it give me a fatal error message? What other recommendations do you have to try and clean out the nozzle if it is a clog? Should i let the flush sit longer or do multiple initial fills? The initial fills just use a lot of ink so i don’t want to do it if just letting it sit in there is better.