Printer Status Readout

I ran a Printer Status printout CR Motor 4 stars, PF Motor 4 stars, Head 5 stars, Pressure Motor 5stars, Cleaner 1 star. What is Cleaner referring to? Thanks for any info.

I’m assuming that cleaner is referring to the capping station and flushing box. Is the one star telling me that it’s the filters that need replacing or the whole unit? Anyone have an opinion on that and also know where parts are coming from these days for a 9800?

Honestly not sure but it may be a near-end-of-life issue.

warm regards

Not sure what you mean by that. 9800’s in general? I printed a status page and it reads Total Print-7365 PG, Use Ink- 30906.8 ml, Use Paper 8774ft 6in. How do those look to you? Average? I look at them and don’t know if it’s a lot or not. All the specs ( CR, PF motor, Head, Pressure Motor all at 4-5 stars) except Cleaner. That’s at one *. Is that referring to the pads or the entire capping station? Appreciate any thoughts. Trying to figure out what direction to go with this.