Printer says NO INK CARTRIDGE!

I have a 3880 with Piezography K7 inks installed. Everything’s been working fine until now. I removed the carts to shake them. When I reinstalled them, the printer says No Ink Cartridge for all 9 carts. How do I fix this?

I just had the same problem. Started a thread 3880 says NO CARTRDIGE, but you can reply here. I did what you said above, initially with no success. But I ejected and then pushed in all the carts several times until it finally took. I started from the left and once I pushed in the yellow cart, LCD said “cartridge door open, close door”. What you’re saying above is that all carts can indicate “no cartridge” even if only one cart isn’t making proper contact. Is there any way of finding out which one it is? In my case I suspect it was the yellow cart but can’t know for sure. This isn’t the first time I’ve removed carts. A while back I removed several carts to top off with ink, but didn’t have a problem. Now that I’m aware of this, a better procedure in the future would be to only remove one cart at a time. After it’s reinstalled, make sure the LCD says it’s OK before taking out another cart. This way if removing a cart causes this problem, I can easily identify which cart it is and deal with that cart.

Hi John,

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Here is another thread that will help you diagnose your culprit cartridge. Sometimes these carts over time can develop wear near the locations that hold the cartridge in the printer. Such as the top of the cart where there is an indent that snaps into place, if you apply a piece of tape (sometimes 2) you can get a snug fit to keep the chip in contact with the sensor. Follow this link to help with farther diagnosis of this problem you have encountered

Everything’s working OK now. Next time I’ll just take out and replace 1 cart at a time to see if I can detect which cart is loose. I’ll check out the instructions in the thread you quoted.