Printer r3000 pk ink not owrking

i havent used my printer for 2 weeks. i used it yesterday and the nozzle of the pk (which i replaced with your ink brand) showed only few lines. i emailed your sales rep and he suggested to follow the filling procedure again. because initially i installed the black ink but did not perform vacuum fill. it did worked before that was couple weeks ago. so i performed the vacumm fill. still not working. please advise

Hi vmagsino~

Jon forwarded your email to me so I have a little more details about your situation.

The R3000 refill cartridges have an exit chamber that must be at least 1/2 filled with ink for proper ink flow from the cartridge into your printer. As per our instructions, the cartridges must be vacuum filled in order to get ink in the exit chamber for proper function. Since you didn’t vacuum fill the cartridge, there was no ink in the exit chamber when you installed the cart into your printer, so printing and cleaning cycles have used the ink in the printer’s internal ink line and drawn in air since the cart wasn’t filled correctly, and the air is interrupting the ink flow. To remedy this situation, you will need to remove and refill the cartridge via the vacuum method, by plugging the air vent hole and drawing a vacuum with the filling syringe to have ink drawn into the exit chamber. Open the air vent hole after vacuum filling the cart, then tap exit valve down on a folded paper towel a few times to force ink down and air up, then install the cart into your printer so it snaps in for a good fit.

After reinstalling the cartridge that has been vacuum filed with ink in the exit chamber, you will need to purge air and get the ink line filled with ink again for consistent flow. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Using the Adjustment Program (which you can get from, run the Ink Fill cycle
  2. Using QuadTone RIP, following our instructions for printing with Calibration Mode to purge the individual channel (instructions can be found here:

Please be sure to thoroughly read and follow the refill cartridge instructions for the best results and to avoid issues like this.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

i downloaded to adjustment prograam there are selections 1. sequential adjustment mode and particular adjustment mode . which one?

im doing the ink charge. hope it will work. the second time i refill the cartridges do i have to the vacuum procedure?

it worked. when do i refill the cartridges ? most of them are 44%. and what method? thanks

Fantastic, I’m glad to herar it worked and you are back to printing!

As per our instructions for this model refillable cartridge, as long as the exit chamber is at least 1/2 filled with ink, you can refill carts by injecting ink with the syringe and blunt tip needle, BUT if the exit chamber is empty or less than 1/2 filled with ink, you should plug the air vent hole and refill the cartridge using the vacuum method to get the exit chamber at least 1/2 filled with ink for proper flow and function. You always need to make sure the air vent holes are OPEN on all refill carts for proper ink flow in the printer. I recommend you thoroughly read the cartridge instructions to ensure you get the best results and experience.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: