Printer Error R3000

Purchased a new set of cartridges in December 2014 and have refilled 2x with excellent results. Refilled yesterday and the Printer Error message came -on instructions to off than on again. I have gone to several cycles (off/on), unplugged printer, reboot Mac, the message continues. Put in a set of Epson and printer starts fine.

Did i damaged the chip? There is no indication of which cartridge is the problem.


There are two sorts of chips - the older type with batteries that can be manually reset and the newer type without batteries that are auto-reset only. I suspect that you have the older type and one or more of the batteries is/are flat. If you do then …

Thanks for the tip, when did the change to non-battery? I purchased the set in December 2014.

I suggest you search the forums for “battery”. From what I can gather it’s happened progressively over the last several months. You have the battery versions if there are two pins at the top that allow you to do a reset. This is probably a better guide:

These chips started changing over in the beginning of this year, if you purchased your carts at the end of 2014, then you would have the Battery style chips. The article Brian referenced above outlines the replacement of batteries for these chips, you are wise to replace ALL at the same time to avoid this happening again and again as each battery dies. You can purchase these chips here OR purchase them at a local drug store, they are a simple hearing add or watch battery style LR626 177/1.5V

Thanks for all the suggestions, i was afraid that it might be the battery. My fingers are not as nible, so a new set of carts might be a better solution. I had a set of carts for over 2-yrs. and never a problem.

Thanks again.

You can replace the chips, without having to replace the entire cartridge, you can buy a set of chips here

It is a very easy replacement, the chips are attached to a plastic base and are easily removed from the cartridge.

Thanks for the very helpful suggestion.