Printer driver epson 4900 and High Sierra

I am running a Mac with High Sierra on Epson 4900 with Piezography ink.

After a lot of hazel I finally managed to have my printer up and running. But it wouldn’t print double, like you have to when you print glossy. I also had problems using the manual feeder. It wouldn’t work. Then I used matte paper and voila - super print.

Next morning - another try. This time it sends to printer, but printer and mac doesn’t connect. No way I can print at all.

Next morning (today) - I delete quad driver and reinstalls it. While doing so, I am told that YOUR driver is not compatible with High Sierra. Maybe that’s the problem?

I install it, but now system can’t find the driver.

I have already sent an e-mail to Jon Cone but no answer as yet. Can you please enlighten me?

Best regards

Kjersti Botnedal (OSLO)

The driver is compatible but it is not security signed. After double clicking the installer (and after the warning comes up) go to System Preferences > Security and click the “open anyway” button. This will open the installer and allow you to re-install.

This software is actually not produced by us. It is a productive of Roy Harrington’s at We are in the process of building our own driver (that is security signed).


Thanks for the answer. Yes, I already did this, and I am afraid this is not the issue.
Have you testet a 4900 on High Sierra?

I know this is not your product so I sent an e-mail to Harrington as well. No answer so far…

When will you come up with a driver yourself?

It is currently in private beta and will release for PiezoDN customer first and then K6/K7 customers, and then Pro customers.


So… please answer my question: Have you tried the Harrington driver on High Sierra with Epson 4900? This is a crucial question since I purchased something quite exclusive and put in a lot of work to have it up and running. I followed all the procedures in confidence.
My next question is: When will your own driver be avaiable for me?

Plz don´t answer politically… I am a serious photographer and this is a big issue for me since I am having an exhibition soon and wanted it to be printed with your ink and method

The QTR Driver is working on High Sierra currently (for me in my testing and for other on the QTR forum). As we do not control or support the QTR software, I think it may be best for you to post your questions there so Roy (the software developer) can possible help you debug it.

Also take a look at this page:

The Piezo driver is many months out for those not doing PiezoDN.


Ok thanks - then there is hope :slight_smile: