Printer does not recognize new cartridges

Hello, I recently bought the R3000 Refillable Cartridge Set of 9-Kit. This is my first time using them and two (VLM and PK) carts are not recognized by the printer after installing them in the printer for several days–maybe 3 days. Per the instruction I’ve tried reseting the chips and changing the batteries but no luck. Any help/suggestions would be great!


Hi Brai~

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with two of the chips/carts from the set of R3000 refillable carts you recently purchased.
To get a better understanding of your situation so I can determine the best/fastest way to remove this issue and get you back to happily printing, please answer a few questions:
Do you have the full set of refillable carts installed in your printer, and have an error with both the VLM and PK positions, or have you only installed a few refillable carts as your Epson carts empty, and still have some refillable carts that haven’t been installed yet? What is the exact error displayed on your printer’s LCD panel for the VLM and PK position refill carts? Please look at the two cartridge chips to make sure they’re clean and there’s nothing on the gold contacts that could interfere with the printer’s ability to read them.

Please let me know right away so we can resolve this for you.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana,
Thanks for your assistance. Right now I’ve the full set of refillable carts in the printer but I started installing the refillable carts as the original Epson ink ran empty which I was told it’s okay to do by your customer support person–could this have caused the printer to reject the refillable carts? The Message reads: “Warning: Cannot recognize the following cartridge(s). Try installing them again”. With red X over VML and PK ink position. The chip surface is clean and it worked for couple prints before I started getting the error.


Hi Brai~

Thanks for the additional information. You can install these refillable carts one at a time or as a full set, which ever you prefer. Does your printer correctly recognize the Epson VLM and PK carts without displaying errors?

We will send you a replacement VLM and PK chip, as it sounds like the chips on those refill carts are not working correctly for some reason.
Instructions for replacing the chip on a R3000 refillable cart can be found here:

Please let me know if you have questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: