Print Viewing Lighting

I’m slowly diving into the backlog of un-replied posts that were buried by our previous forum software a few years back.

LEDs are much better than old tube lights. We’ve converted to LEDs at Cone Editions Press. We use Soraa bulbs. These bulbs are the only ones with an R9 (red #9) value that is acceptable.

Also, thanks for the note on the ICCs. We do our best. Recently published all new ICCs for UltraHD Matte Black and HD Photo Black inks:


This is a topic that’s been in the back of my mind for some time. If you look at the spectra below of several different light sources, there are some very characteristic differences.

Of special note is the fluorescent spectrum which is very spikey, especially in the blue where most other spectra are low intensity. Some viewing booths come with fluorescent tubes, exposing your image to this huge blue spike. Would this not potentially overilluminate the blues in your print above and beyond regular lighting? I would think a much more appropriate viewing lighting source would be the LED. How does this affect screen to print matching? Are some profiles designed so that they look good under a fluorescent light source, making my prints look dark in my home illuminated with LED lighting? I note that Jon’s profiles for Conecolor ink solved my shadow detail. I was losing shadow details using Epson profiles, but Cone profiles restored those details.