Print tool, roll paper; images not printing at size indicated in dialog box

I am sure this is user error, but I am using an epson 7880 printer, piezo pro inks, and print tool. I want to print an image that is about 8x24 inches. When i sent it to the printer and the roll paper, i get an image that is about 3x5.5 inches even though the dialog box gives the larger dimension and the print on the paper in print tool looks correct. What am i missing here?

What format is the file? If jpg, that is probably the problem.

It is a tiff file. I have printed the same file to 17x22 paper in a bit smaller size, but it is not working correctly when I go to using roll paper in the 7880. Any thoughts appreciated.

Bummer - that was my best guess. I’m not a roll paper user at all, but maybe if you post screenshots of your setup pages (including the paper size setup) something relevant will be revealed.

Are you trying to print the full width of a 24" roll? Borderless?

Is that 3x5.5 inches a reduction of the full image (seems unlikely due to the different proportions), or a full size section of the whole, or something else?

I appreciate the help. Here are two screen shots.

and, that was a type re the size they are print 3x about 6.5

I have seen that happen when the paper is too wide based on the driver’s internal calculations. Try setting your paper size to just under 24" wide.

okay, willing to try anything! Is it more than creating a custom paper size within Print Tool? I keep wondering if I have created an inconsistency somewhere along the line.

FYI, i recently upgraded to Mojave, if this makes any difference.

thanks in advance.


I have been working with Roy off and on for more than a week on the issue, sharing screen shots and trying different settings. He has been amazing, but so far, i am unable to print with the roll paper on the 7880 through Print-Tool. I am sure it is user error, but no luck so far. I may just bite the bullet, give up – i am using roll paper like crazy – and go to large sheets. The largest i need is about 24x30 :frowning: