Print-Tool Profiles



When I try to install profiles byway of “Install7900-K7.command” I get this readout below that it does not support printer 7900. I know it purpose is to install into the Print-Tool and it’s not working. I read the “The New Piezography Users Manual” and followed the instruction of a Mac. What is the problem? Thanks

Last login: Fri Feb 19 09:13:33 on ttys000
/Applications/QuadToneRIP/Profiles/4900-7900-9900-K7/Install7900-K7.command ; exit;
Greg-Freers-Pro:~ gregfreer$ /Applications/QuadToneRIP/Profiles/4900-7900-9900-K7/Install7900-K7.command ; exit;

ALERT! **** QuadToneRIP does not support printer 7900 ****

Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]


You are more likely to get an answer on the QTR forum than here.


If this doesn’t help:
then Jeff may be right.


Thanks, I tried that and not working.