Print Tool only printing parts of the image

Working with Epson 7890, Special Edition inks…Print Tool, Quad Tone for the 7890…just did the ink install, getting a good nozzle check.
Printed one image, some yellow in the highlights, not concerned…made a second print to work the yellow out but only the left corner of the image printed. I can’t get the whole image to print.
I have gone back and checked all settings, paper sizes, all that and they seem correct but I still can’t print a whole image
Help, if you can.
Also, with the 7890. I have both Photo black and matte black installed. If I change papers and choose a different profile, must I also switch the blacks or will it happen automatically selected by the profile?
All help appreciated!

What length is your print you are printing? What paper?

Re-installing QTR is probably the first step here.

Also, what version of OS X do you have?


[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;11995]What length is your print you are printing? What paper?

Re-installing QTR is probably the first step here.

Also, what version of OS X do you have?


Walker, I am using a roll of 61 cm width paper. The print paper size is set to 61x60, roll/auto cut. The image is 50xsomething. It is Archival Matte/Epson. The OS is 10.9.5…I will start by reinstalling QTR and go from there…How about that question I asked concerning photo black and matte black: do I need to do an ink change at the printer, if I change to a glossy profile? Thanks for your help!

You will need to do an MK/PK switch just like normal OEM inks.

To print gloss piezo you need to let the print dry and then do an “over gloss” it’s a bit difficult to do on this machine. There is documentation on recent threads on this forum.


I read through the posts about GO and the 7890…what would need to be done to set up an older 7800 as a GO application machine?

Simply take 1 new refill cartridge and place your GO in it. Then purge out the LLK channel (using QTR GO-30000 curve). That’s it.

fyi: We will be introducing Pro soon which does Gloss Optimizing same-time as ink.


Thanks for the information about GO…
My problem with Print Tool only printing one corner of the image continues! I have deleted and reinstalled Print Tool and the 7890 K7 profiles. I have checked and double checked the paper size and settings (Roll/Auto Cut, paper dimensions 601mm x 600 mm, image size 20 in x 14)…
Everything set but when I print, I get a corner of the image only…making me a bit crazy at this point…
Any suggestions would be good…
iMac 27 in, OS El Capitan (latest version, I think)…Help!

This is most likely a paper size issue that you are having.

You can’t go under 8" in length or it will only print one corner. That is a common Epson large-format issue that has plagued epson since the very beginning.

This is most likely a QuadtoneRIP issue if you are printing longer than that. We do not support bugs in quadtoneRIP but you can ask this question at the quadtoneRIP forum at Yahoo! Groups

Roy Harrington (the software developer) and a ton of other users will surely help you with paper-size issues related to QuadtoneRIP.


Walker, thanks for the heads-up to the QuadTone users group…might have found the answer. Will know later today.
About the GO and the 7890, any time frame for the introduction of GO’s same-time as ink printing?