Print text on reverse side of Premium Glossy paper?

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Snowing in Palmer Lake, CO; a foot or more forecast for tonight and tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:
Epson P600 printer, ConeColor inks.
I would like to print contact information on the back of some Epson 4x6 Premium Glossy sheets, and then print some nice imagery on the front. Purpose; to hand out as promotional.
I have tried a couple of things, but the printed text comes out blurry/wet; too much ink, or maybe just the off-side of the paper refusing the ink?
Has anyone done this, or does anyone have any ideas as to how to go about it. I don’t know if my laser printer will handle 4x6 or 12mil paper, but (if so), might that be a better bet?
Any thoughts appreciated. I may try the last later on tonight; will report back with results. But for now, off to feed my Large Children.
TIA! Steve
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The back-side is not coated so it won’t take ink.

I think RedRiver may sell a double-sided gloss paper though. I would check them.

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This will work fine on some papers for text, but not for images. You just have to try the paper. Also try going for dark gray rather than black … or even a 60% gray.
The gremlin you have to carefully watch for is getting track marks from the printer wheels that pull the paper through the machine. Print the text first … and image second. And really look carefully for artifacts. Get light to glance off the surface of the paper … as some times the lines are not from ink but the wheels pressing into the paper. michael

Walker is on the right track. Look at Red River. They have quite a few papers to fit your need.

Hi All!

Yea, but the Epson paper is what I have; a couple boxes of it, as it turns out. Goodwill, believe it or not.
Anyway, my laser printer was able to handle the 4x6 sheets, and printed crisp text on the backside of the paper. The only down-side so far is that it did introduce some curl. I’m assuming it is from the heat, and the curvature of the printers output “tray”. I noticed this on the first sheet I tried. Subsequent sheets, I picked them up as they came out, and set them on a flat surface to cool off, which eliminated the curling for the most part. This with an HP 200 series color laser.
I’ll feed them to the P600 later today to see if they still do their job as Photo Paper.
This exercise has me wondering about the spacing between the inkjet print head, and the media being handled. I will gather my thoughts, and put this into another thread. Til then, “Thanks, Guys!”, and I’ll be back later to provide some closure on this.


Hi Again.

Yeah, that worked just fine:
To start off, I printed three images on fresh-from-the-box sheets. I printed the same three files on the “Laser-ed” paper, and examined them all carefully under a magnifier. The color rendition was unaffected as far as my aging eyes could see. I was able to find a few tiny marks on the sheets that had been handled and run thru the HP printer, but I would say that they were from dust/debris or in one case what looked like a fiber of some sort; nothing repetitive like I would expect to see from a wheel or roller deforming the surface. More’n Good Enuf for what I have in mind in any event.
I will comment that the first sheet thru the laser printer, the one I noticed the curl on, still evidences a hint of curl. The two that I caught as they emerged, and laid flat, have remained flat. A babysitting job.

Talk later. Steve