Print Page Line Between Prints


Is it possible to have a horizontal line printed between prints when using Piezography/QuadTone with roll paper?

This can be done quite easily in the Epson driver (Paper Settings --> Roll Paper Option --> Print Page Line), but I don’t see anything like that in the QuadTone RIP.

I can add the line to the print file itself, but I would rather not have to change the original files.


On the Mac version of QTR, Print Tool is used and Print Tool and print multiple images on a single page. You could have a pixel high line image file placed under the image on the layout. Because the images are resolution independent, you could resize the pixel high line to any size you want. On the PC side of things, you can not do this. Only one image at a time…

An inexpensive Mac laptop can be bought on eBay for a $200-$300 to act as a print server for your QTR and the benefits for printing multiple images from your PC would be met. You could either network or sneaker net to the Mac from your PC.

There are people who use Qimage in conjunction with QTR. You can use Qimage to print multiple files. Qimage also does lines and borders, but at a quick look I’m not sure that you could do precisely what you want that way, however I’m fairly sure that you could with the line graphic that Jon suggests. Qimage does not output greyscale files, but this is not a problem, as you turn CM off and the output file will in effect be in AdobeRGB, which has a gamma of 2.2, and QTR will happily process that.

This workflow involves intermediate files, and so there may be size issues if you’re queuing up a succession of large files. In which case you could print a page with the line graphic that Jon suggests, then another and another. In which case you may need a top and bottom line for each image, as I think the printer will advance the paper a small amount after each separate print.

This probably sounds more complex than it really is. Of course if you’re on OS X, then none of it is relevant.

I’m on a PC.

Both answers are useful, thanks. :slight_smile:

I was hoping that there was a setting I had just missed.

I think for now, since all the files are the same dimensions for this job, I’ll make a template and overlay it on the image files in Photoshop.

But a Mac print server might not be a bad idea…