Print heads stopped printing after cart refill

I refilled my PhotoBk, Yellow, VM, and Cyan cartridges on my Epson R3000 before the were completely empty.
After a couple reading a couple of posts in this forum, I realize this was a mistake.

The cartridges do not read full, but also head do not print with a nozzle check .

I know the printer carts need to reset to read full but what is causing the print heads not to print?
And how can I fix them?

Thanks and info will be helpful.

There can be many reasons why the print head is not printing properly. Read this first: Print Head Cleaning Tips and Preventative Maintenance

Make sure the vent plugs are out of the cartridges when they are in the printer.

Do several cleanings in a row, etc, as described by the maintenance procedures in the link above.

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