Prining issue with LR 9.1 on Win 10

First of all, I have had no issue in the past when printing from LR. This is the 1st time I have printed since 9.1 was downloaded. I have not made any changes to the printer (Epson 4800) since the last time I printed. I am trying to print a single image from LR but when I do, the first image in the folder comes up in the preview - not the one I selected. When I click on the image I want to print, nothing happens, the image does not change to what I selected. Checking the print que, It has ALL the prints from that folder set to print. I have checked all the printer settings and don’t ever recall anything like that to select. I also have it set to show the print before it goes to the printer, but now it won’t even do that. I also made sure that only one image was selected, not all of them.