Premier Art Platinum Rag paper

I am wondering if anyone has tried this paper as it can be used with either matte or photo black ink. Specifically if printing with photo black ink did you experiment with and without GO? And if you have tested it with both matte and photo black ink which has better dmax?


Sorry, I haven’t used this specific paper before, so have no input, but maybe someone else has and can give you their feedback (?)
Do you already have this paper, or are you considering it?

Hi Dana… After running some tests… the paper can be printed with either matte or photo black ink. The dmax is slightly higher (i.e. darker blacks) using photo black. Regardless of the black ink used the prints have a very slight “bronzing” which is completely eliminated with a GO application. I found 20K GO to work best for me. The nature of the paper substrate results in a finished print that is somewhere between a matte finish and a “satin” baryta finish. It is a very interesting paper that I am going to continue to experiment with.