Power light is off, and the paper/cancel and ink lights are flashing fast

The 1430 User Guide says: The print head is obstructed by jammed paper or another foreign object and cannot return to the home position. Turn the printer off. Open the printer cover and remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path. Then turn the printer back on. If the error does not clear, contact Epson.

I have not yet contacted Epson. The printer worked fine the last time I used it 3-4 weeks ago. Turned it on today and immediately got this error. It hasn’t had any sort of paper jam and I can’t see anything obstructing parking area. The head seems to move all the way to the right engaging the lever at the far right that moves the cap slightly to the right and forward. Is the cap also supposed to move vertically? Is the carriage supposed to lock in the home position like it does on most every other Epson printer I’ve ever had? It is not doing so.

This is probably a home position sensor that has some gunk or ink on it.

Can’t tell for sure until I’m back in lab.


Thanks, Walker. I’ll see if I can find an illustration to help identify the sensor.

I haven’t been able to find a manual for this printer. The things that turn up in searches are from Russian sites that let’s just say I’m wary of. The only thing close to useful I have found is this: (scroll to the bottom of the page for a good pic of the bottom of the head)

But still nothing that identifies the home position sensor.

Here we are several years later, and I have the same problem on my 1430. Last I saw was Walter’s suggestion that the “home position sensor” probably had some gunk on it as well as his ending statement that he couldn’t tell for sure until he’s back in the lab. You (Jkschreiber, I presume)) gave the address of an interesting head replacement article, admitting that you couldn’t find that sensor. Walter never returned. My question: did you ever find the home position sensor or did you find another solution to getting the printer back to work? Thanks, Alan

I never did find a solution to that particular problem, but since refurb 1430s were available at that time for $200, and a new replacement printhead cost almost as much, it was kind of a no-brainer to just replace the whole printer. The replacement printer is still working fine, though now in the hands of a friend.

I did eventually find a Service Manual for the 1430 though it was too late to be of use in this case. I’m happy to share it if you are interested.


Thanks for getting back, Keith. I wonder if Walter or Dana have any idea on what the cause of this problem really is. I’d like to take you up on your offer to lend me the service manual. I’m happy to pay postage and return when the problem is solved / I give up. Let’s do this off-line. I’m docsock41@yahoo.com. Thanks.

The manual is a pdf file. You can download it from my Dropbox here.

There is a diagram on p.22 that shows the locations of various sensors along with other key parts. It might have been useful at the time of my problem since I really didn’t know what I was looking for.

Good luck,

Thanks Keith. This will not be fun. Best, Alan