"Power" clean on 7900

In his recent articles about Epson x900 series head clogging, Jon mentions that there is no “power clean” option on these printers.

While there is no such option on the PC interface, the on-printer menu of my 7900 does have a “power clean” option.
Is this option of any value?

It’s not the POWER CLEAN of yesteryore printers…

On an Epson 7880 a POWER CLEAN would take 1/3 to 1/2 the contents of the ink lines and dampers and replenish it and do so without much current stimulus to the print head electronics. If you use the new “power clean” it takes a very small amount of ink and using many of them in a row may result in an 1A39 error or similar in which you fry the electronics in the print head. We had a customer contact us today with an Epson inks clog in his 9900 and he ran a number of them in a row and fried his print head and was notified with the results of that error. :frowning:

Thanks Jon.