Power clean made my 7880 clog even worse?

I have an Epson 7880 that was going great until I left it for 4 months.

It was missing a lot of lines (maybe half) so I bought some magic bullet and let a j-cloth full of it sit with the head every night for a week. Not much changed so I Uploading: ED1840A8-F2EF-4B19-93D5-EE7C060006C6.jpeg… Uploading: 7E424097-21EC-4CB0-B692-EA18F14D7A01.jpeg… decided to do a power wash, which somehow made things even worse. I’ve attached a series of purge file prints (before power clean, right after power clean, after power clean and several quick clean cycles.

Any advice on what could be wrong?

Photo 1 (before power clean):

Photo 2 (right after power clean):

Photo 3 (after power clean and a few quick cleaning cycles):


This happens when your cleaning system (wiper, flush box, etc) is dying or full of crud. The cleaner needs a cleaning. PiezoFlush will work for that.


Sorry, I should have also mentioned that as well as leaving a Magic Bullet soaked j-cloth behind the print head many times, I also sprays it all over the flush box and capping station, as well as cleaning off the wiper blade quite well with foam tipped swabs. Do you think I should hit it again?


We don’t support competitors products here but I think you may have dissolved some of your cleaning unit . . .