Power clean epson 4880

Hi - I am having problems doing a power clean on my 4880. I’ve read the directions and there are some discrepancies .

Epson pro 4800/4880:

NOTE: 3-4 Power Clean Cycles can be done thru the printer’s control panel, which is the equivalent of doing 1 Initial Fill Cycle
To do a Power Clean Cycle, push the Menu button on the printer, scroll down to select Maintenance, then scroll down to select Power Clean, then push the Menu button to start the cycle.

  1. Start with the printer power OFF
  2. Hold the Pause, Down and Right buttons while turning the printer on. The printer will start in “Maintenance Mode3”. 3. Scroll to and select CLEANING.
  3. Scroll to and select CLEANING.
  4. Scroll and select INIT FILL.
  5. When finished, exit Maintenance Mode by turning the printer off, then back on regularly.

When I do step 2, it says “maintenance mode 2” I don’t know if that’s a big deal. When I scroll to cleaning and then choose init fill, the print head engages for a second and the stops. It never goes into the mode. Can anyone help me please?

do you have enough ink in the machine? It won’t do an initial fill if the ink is low

if you just want to do a power clean then that can be done in normal mode, no need to enter maintenance mode.

Thank you Neil, but it says something about carts not being full or something like that. I am trying to override the system and I read that I should go to maintenance mode in some older post. Jean

As far as I know, it is not possible to do a power clean or an initial fill if the carts are low. Thats my understanding but I could be wrong

What Neil Said is true. You need to reset the cart chips to full before the initial fill.

best regards

Thank you, Neil. I appreciate your help. I’m onto bigger and better problems now :roll_eyes: with Walker. Best, Jean