Potential to manually clear clog?

As everyone knows, the Epson has no power clean mode. Therefore, if you have a serious clog, you have to use the paper towel under the head, or in really bad cases, use the initial fill routine from the WIC utility. However, could one use a syringe on the waste ink line and slowly pull ink through, imitating the action of the vacuum pump? I assume if that has any chance of working, you’d still have to run a clean cycle that would run the wiper under the head.

It is just a thought. If it’s ill advised to do so, perhaps this is the place to warn against doing this.


Did you try this? I’m considering it on my 7900 to get the Piezoflush I’ve installed on my green channel up to the head from the cart (instead of doing an INIT FILL). I saw this procedure suggested elsewhere as well.

I asked the question in another way, after Walker joined the team. Here’s what he said:


From his answer, it would work on the R3000, but I’d check with him on the 7990 in case there are switches that would block the ink from flowing…