Possible solution for ink charge issue

As we all know, the only way to flush or free a stubborn clog on the R3000 is to do an ink charge. If you have battery free chips, you maybe stuck because there won’t be enough ink registered on the chip, even if you refill the cart.

Now, for my idea. If it is a bad idea, either delete this post or tell me right away. Could you install a 1mL syringe on the waste line for the side affected by the clog and manually apply suction? lf so, this could be a method to free a clog by suctioning just half the channels, saving the ink in the other half.


This is a good thought but you would have to unplug the printer at the exact point at which it has raised the suction to make contact with the head. I don’t believe the printer has damper and o-ring switches in there that keep the ink from flowing under this situation so in theory it should work.

I’ve done something similar to this with wide-format printers where I take the ink lines from the dampers and let them drain with the pressure in the ink carts. Then I manually flush the head . . .


OK, so when the printer is OFF, the capping station is not raised and sealed against the head. I wonder if there is a way to tell when the capping station is sealed against the head so that this method might work.


Right when it is cleaning and not wiping and not dumping ink on the left. You will hear the vacuum motor going.

Then unplug