Possible new driver?

I don’t use Lightroom (tried it once - maybe good for a completely digital workflow - not so much for film-based), but without a doubt Roy Harrington’s Print-Tool, the companion to QTR for Mac, is the most invaluable piece of software I use.

I’m looking forward to the new driver whenever it’s ready.

~ Keith

We are working on an actual Piezography Driver that will coalesce all of these different pieces under one tent eventually, but for now, it’s in those there parts: QuadtoneRIP (the driver), Print-Tool (the print layout program), and Piezography Community Edition (the Piezography-specific media profiles).

Hummm… from 24 days ago…

is there a timeline that could be shared?
or a beta tester signup?

after a few years of working with lightroom’s print tool (or print page)

go back to something like Print Tool is a sad and frustrating experience


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I tried a print out of LR while I was setting up the printer
and it didn’t work (I didn’t expect it to)
I must have done something wrong

I’m assuming that I would have the image tagged and converted to Adobe RGB (1998)
as per norm for the system
and then in the Print workspace - under the Print management
I would add the display profile Adobe RGB (1998) ?

(see attached image)

and then send to the quad K4 printer using that,
or am I setting Lightroom to "Printer Managed?
in the Print workspace

for me this is huge if I can get this to work…

thanks for the hint


If you print with AdobeRGB as your output profile from LightRoom it will send linear data to QTR driver and allow you to print the same way as PrintTool. This is something I only recently validated.

Photoshop does not allow colorspace profiles be used as output profiles, but Lightroom still does thankfully.


Newbie question: Will the new driver be agnostic as to the underlying hardware and OS? That would be fantastic news for Windows users. Or will I still need a Mac for one or more stages of the piezography workflow? For linearizing quad files? For creating icc profiles? For soft proofing with those icc profiles in Lightroom?

All cartridges are agnostic.


In Lr prefs set your working space to AdobeRGB and then set AdobeRGB as
your output profile (not printer managed) and you are all set.


ok I’ll dive deeper in to this…
but to my knowledge:

LR uses adobeRGB(1998) for all display
–except in the Develop where it uses ProPhoto RGB…

there is no way to override the colorspace for the working space
(unless I’m really missing something here) :wink:
this is why LR does not “sync” color spaces with photoshop and the rest of the CC suite (via bridge)

and the only way to set the “output profile” is by exporting as an image (tiff, jpeg,etc.)
or setting the profile in the “edit in external app”
or using LR to do the color management and setting the “profile:” in the Print workspace (nee tab)

I’m guessing that your workflow was printing some already colorspace tagged images?
and LR was kind enough to pass the images unmolested…
(which is cool - but still needs a tagged tiff)

or am I just getting this all wrong
and you are some how printing Proofs?

I’m ultimately looking for a workflow that goes from RAW to Print
and I’ll make intermediary tiffs if need be
but I’m not a fan of the PrintTool and would like to find other ways to feed the QTR
Lightroom is one possibility
another is Affinity Photo (very good worth a look - very responsive devs )

(or I await a new driver) :wink:

I have to run some tests - I’ll be back

thanks for the hints!
really helps to understand this and the help is invaluable