Platen gap setting

I’m about to use JC Type 2 paper, 320gsm.

What do you recommend for the platen gap setting on the 3880 printer? The options offered are: narrow; standard; wide; wider; widest.


I suggest Wide.


I was about to ask about this. I am using the flat-through front load on the 3880 with Han. PhotoRag 308 (which is listed as .48 mm thick) printing with QTrip. So whatever the QT does with the gap, the results look great. Does anyone know what gap is used? Can I adjust the gap with QTrip? If so, what would be the best setting?

Yesterday I ran a test on my R2000/OEM color via Photoshop/Epson driver with the front load and I got the ‘spray all over the place’ result. I’m not even sure how to adjust the gap on that printer, the ‘advanced’ driver setting show it, but didn’t respond to being changed. What would be the correct setting of the gap for the .48mm paper ? Loading as top sheet-fed usually fails and I’m missing the rear load guide (gifted, formerly clogged printer). The sheet feeder also can scuff the paper badly, ruining the output.

Probably worth reading the eleven posts in that thread.